It is our mission to be a key provider of LED Lighting solutions to the US marketplace. Our entrepreneurial spirit and dedication bring value to our diverse customer base. We are proud to have pioneered the application of LED technology in industry back in the early 90’s. Our expertise has grown from there - today we offer next-generation lighting solutions and other visual products using LED's.

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Brilliant LED Solutions for America's Energy Future

Learn the history of LED lighting as well as the advantages for today's use. Compare LEDs with traditional lighting and calculate your return on investment.

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Why Electro-Matic?

We have been a leader in the LED lighting industry for more than 20 years, making a mission of creating a greener energy future for America by paving the way for the LED lighting revolution that is taking place. With modular LED solutions that are manufactured locally, ship quickly and have an unmatched lifespan, let us show you how our solutions can save time and money for your organization.

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LED Lighting Applications

Learn more about LED Lighting and it's uses.

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LED Lighting Resources

Useful tools and literature about LED Lighting.

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LED Lighting Blog

The Solution to Detroit's Street Lighting Crisis

A city using conventional street lighting can experience many issues and waste millions on energy and maintenance costs. Conventional lighting has a short lifespan and can go unrepaired if the city has a limited amount of money and staff. Detroit has...

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Reduce Energy Costs With LED Lighting

When making a lighting investment, you want to ensure you are spending the least amount of money in the long run. Conventional lighting may seem cheaper when looking at the price of one bulb, but it can become quite expensive due to frequent maintena...

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8 Ways to Winterize Your Office & Save Money

Winter can be tough not only on people but on your homes and businesses. The last thing you want to be worrying about when the next winter storm hits is problem solving why your building is leaking costly heat and why your bills are so high. Here’s h...

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