Highway / Roadway

LED streetlights are one of the most environmentally sound and reliable ways to improve infrastructure. Investment in solid-state lighting sources is accelerating. Continuing improvements in LED technology are expected to provide increasingly affordable, environmentally friendly illumination that will revolutionize the way we use artificial light.

Electro-Matic AP Series Roadway Lights offers a comprehensive line of high performance, install-friendly roadway luminaires for major, collector and local roads, as well as other demanding applications. The results are crisp, brilliant white LED light that reduces your energy consumption and maintenance costs while eliminating CO2 emissions. 

See how Michigan Department of Transportation saved 50% in energy savings: MDOT Case Study.


  • LED Roadway Lighting
  • LED Street Lights
  • LED Interstate Lighting
  • LED Tunnels and Underpass Lights
  • LED Median Lighting

Markets Served

  • Department of Transportation’s
  • Cities and Municipalities
  • Investor Owned Utilities
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Electric Co-Ops
  • Transit and Port Authorities
  • Federal Government and Military
  • Private Owned Roads


The DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium shares technical information and experiences related to LED street and area lighting demonstrations and serves as an objective resource for evaluating new products on the market intended for street and area lighting applications. Cities, power providers, and others who invest in street and area lighting are invited to join the Consortium and share their experiences. The goal is to build a repository of valuable field experience and data that will significantly accelerate the learning curve for buying and implementing high-quality, energy-efficient LED street and area lighting. Consortium members are part of an international knowledge base and peer group, receive updates on Consortium tools and resources, receive the Consortium E-Newsletter, and are able to join a Consortium committee. Learn more about the Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium.