Interior High Bay LED Lighting

The much-anticipated introduction of energy efficient LED lighting into mainstream building categories is escalating with parking garages and structures.  These areas are the most important building categories for introducing new lighting products because lighting is the biggest energy user in parking garage and structure applications.  

Parking garages present challenging lighting environments related to high-energy costs exhaust emissions, vehicle vibration, safety concerns and high maintenance costs.  This is an excellent opportunity for LEDs which provide tremendous energy cost savings, resistance to environmental impacts, offer crisp, brilliant white light with Improved uniformity which leads to better visibility and enhanced safety and have very long product life.  

The majority of the parking garage light fixtures are typically on 24/7 by code requirements. Usually these fixtures are at least 250-Watt Metal Halide and are on 6-8 ft. centers. In the instance of a 5-story parking garage, there could be upwards of 300 lighting fixtures.  It is pretty easy to see just how fast the energy costs can become substantial.

The numerous LED replacement fixtures on the market for this application fall in the 60-120 Watt range. In most applications, a one-for-one replacement can be done and immediate energy savings are achieved. Once the installation is done, there will be NO maintenance required – NO lamp replacement and NO ballast replacement. When all of these elements add up, energy savings and no maintenance, the Return on Investment is typically 2-3 years. After the ROI is achieved, the installation becomes a positive cash flow generator due to the energy and maintenance costs savings. Last but certainly not least, the quality of lighting is much higher with LED lighting.

Traditional parking garage lighting solutions utilize fluorescent, High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) bulbs. Fluorescent operates on ballast, which adds to the issues. When a light fails, it may be the bulb, the ballast or both. Also, with most parking garages operating 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, maintenance costs to replace a bulb or ballast can certainly add up. Not to mention the energy each of these fixtures consumes.

With the advancement of white LED lighting over the years and good quality distribution design to fill the dark spots, major manufacturers such as Electro-Matic’s LED Lighting are providing an LED lighting alternative with LED fixtures such as the AR Series. Parking garages can now operate without the concerns associated with traditional lighting. 


  • Reduced maintenance since LEDs last approximately 50,000 to 85,000 hours 
  • The ability to operate in hot or cold environments without any loss of light 
  • Reduced energy consumption typically by replacing a standard 175W Metal Halide fixture which draws 208W (with ballast), with a new LED Fixture drawing only 60 Watts 
  •  Better luminaire efficacy (lumens per Watt) 
  • Improved uniformity which leads to better visibility and enhanced safety 
  • Environmentally safe alternative since LEDs are mercury free 
  • Control systems to operate such as motion sensors which further reduces energy consumption 
  • The LED fixtures to be repositioned outside of parking bays and into drive lanes due to better distribution of light, thus making it easier to access fixtures for maintenance 
  • Improved lighting means the security cameras are able to display more clearly 
  • Customers the feeling of safety when they enter a garage


  • Parking Structures
  • Parking Garages



  • Petroleum / C-Store
  • Commercial and Retail Property Owners
  • Transit and Port Authorities
  • Airports
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • Federal Government and Military
  • Educational Facilities
  • Cities and Municipalities


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